Questions About New Service

Gibson Connect is a non-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of Gibson EMC, your electric cooperative (the same local people you already know and trust). Gibson Connect will provide advanced communications solutions (high-speed internet, telephone and streaming) through a broadband fiber network.

As we continue to build our network, more customers will have access to our services. Visit join.gibsonconnect.com to see if your home or business is eligible. Tennessee law restricts our ability to serve WK&T Telecommunications customers.

You can register through join.gibsonconnect.com, call 1-844-859-6767, or come by your local Gibson EMC member service center (during regular business hours). If registering from the site, click here.

New subscribers are typically connected within 2-4 weeks, however, there might be delays depending on whether your neighborhood or address needs any additional construction work. To view the latest estimate for your address visit join.gibsonconnect.com.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of fast, reliable, and secure internet-based services for our home and business members. To see our most up to date services click here.

Fiber is known for being future-proof, meaning that the fiber we install today will be able to handle anything you need to do online today and for years to come. Fiber is more reliable than other types of networks, so you can play games, watch movies, and work even during inclement weather. For homeowners, fiber internet access can be a good selling point and increase the value of your home.

We have a speed test available during the registration process, but you also can find other free internet speed testing sites online. Current Gibson Connect subscribers can download our Smart Home app and run a speed test there.

We do not have introductory or "special" prices like some other carriers. Every customer we have pays the same price for the same service.

To meet our legal obligations, we do charge mandated taxes and fees, but we only charge what is absolutely necessary so there won’t be any surprises on your bill.

Of course! Our technicians will have everything you need to set up your wired and wireless internet access, and we don’t charge you for it. If you would like more information about what specific equipment we use, click here or give us a call.

The PCA mechanism replaces the Fuel Cost Adjustment and includes the cost of fuel for generation (coal, nuclear, and natural gas) and power purchased on the open market.  In addition, the PCA collects for costs associated with any load diversity. It enables Gibson EMC to set base rates conservatively and collect additional revenue or return excess revenue caused by unpredictable variances like extremely mild or volatile weather conditions and higher energy costs on the open market. The PCA can be either a charge or a credit. All money collected through the PCA will go to pay TVA for wholesale power costs.

Gibson EMC’s power restoration procedures are very simple. We try to restore power to as many families as possible as quickly as possible. Below are the steps Gibson Electric takes to restore power.

  1. Restore power to substations
  2. Repair feeders with high-priority customers, such as hospitals, water pumping facilities, sewage treatment facilities, police & fire department facilities, nursing homes, and customers on life support systems
  3. Repair major three-phase lines that serve large numbers of members in residential areas
  4. Repair rural three-phase lines
  5. Repair single-phase branch lines, transformers, and individual services
  6. Weatherheads and meterbases torn from the dwelling by falling trees or ice are the responsibility of the homeowner

Gibson EMC allows our members to install a behind the meter solar system. You may also choose to participate in TVA’s Dispersed Power Production Program. Learn More From TVA About This Program Here.


Having trouble signing up at join.gibsonconnect.com? Please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-844-859-6767 or call your local Gibson Electric member service center. Of course, you can stop by your local Gibson Electric member service center too. Our representatives will be happy to help you register.