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Electric Application and Billing Information

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. To receive electric service, there is a $5 Membership Fee which will be credited to your final bill. There also is a Connection Fee of up to $40. The Connection fee covers the initial operational and administrative costs to provide service so this fee is not refunded. If you are applying for electric service using our online form, a Member Service Representative will contact you by phone, text or email to receive payment and complete the application process.

Gibson Electric offers two billing options: (1) Our most popular is PayGo, a pay before consumption option that allows you to avoid paying a deposit. You deposit money into your account and add money as you use electricity and your account balance decreases. You can set up text, email and telephone alerts to track your usage and account balance. (2) Monthly Billing is an after consumption option which requires a security deposit. The security deposit required will be the sum of the highest two consecutive monthly bills in the last twelve months for a service location. For residential locations without twelve months of billing history, the deposit will be estimated based on the square footage of the home. For commercial locations without twelve months of billing history, the deposit will be estimated based on the highest two consecutive months of a comparable location. Residential deposits may be refunded after three years provided there have been no disconnections for non-payment for 36 months. If a disconnection has occurred, the refund will be extended until the Member has established 36 months with no disconnections. Commercial account deposits will be refunded upon termination of service.

Once your account has been created, you will receive an email or phone call with the total amount that will need to be paid before service can be connected.