Business Electricity

Programs & Comprehensive Services

Gibson Electric provides a variety of services at no charge to assist our Business and Industry members with their energy needs. Through our Comprehensive Services Program we can provide a wide range of technical expertise. Our staff is available to assist members with predictive maintenance, energy use, power analysis and other technical services. To learn more about the program offerings, contact your Key Account Representative Cynthia McClure at 731-562-1611. See our current rates and rate information by clicking here.

TVA EnergyRight Business & Industry partners with local power companies, contractors and businesses to strengthen the communities we serve. We’re making sure that businesses and industries in our communities have access to the energy information and resources they need to thrive.  In partnership with TVA, we’re offering financial incentives on qualifying technologies to help Business and Industry members reach their energy goals.  To learn more, contact your Key Account Representative Cynthia McClure 731-562-1611.

We offer a general survey of energy use in a facility and recommendations on energy management opportunities, process and facility improvements including:

  • Energy Audits
  • Water Heating
  • Energy Modeling

We can conduct an energy survey of your facility to identify opportunities that may exist for reducing energy usage.

We can calculate the required capacity for installations of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, provide economic analyses of various types of systems, and assist with problem analysis.

Special metering can be provided with a disturbance analyzer and/or recording voltmeter. This metering is designed to identify causes of sags, surges, harmonics, flickers, spikes, and other voltage fluctuations which may cause problems in your operation.

We can provide metering of electrical equipment to help identify electrical problems or provide consumption data for individual machines or specific areas of operation. We will also use instrumentation to measure light levels, insulation, air flow, humidity, and temperature. An analysis of the metered data also is provided.

We can provide a clear picture of power usage as reflected in your monthly electric bill, including an explanation of the various charges. We also provide studies to determine the feasibility of applying alternative rates.

We can provide sizing of electrical equipment such as transformers, service entrance conductors, and emergency generators. Recommendations for service entrance installations and for electrical layouts as required by the National Electrical Code can also be provided.

  • Power Quality - Studies address voltage problems originating inside or outside the facility that adversely affect the end user.
  • Metering - We install temporary metering equipment to gather data on facility electrical usage.
  • Power Factor - Metering and recommendations to correct for low power factor.
  • Grounding/Lightning - Grounding study, grounding testing and lightning protection recommendations.
  • Demand-Side Management - Monitoring and testing electrical systems and recommendations related to managing peak demand.

We can provide predictive maintenance using data analysis to identify operational anomalies and potential equipment defects, enabling timely repairs before failures occur. Predictive maintenance aims to minimize maintenance frequency, avoiding unplanned outages and unnecessary preventive maintenance costs.

  • Infrared Scans - Infrared scans of electrical equipment such as transformers, breakers, bus and conductor connections for hot spots, as well as scans for facility heating-and-cooling loss.
  • Ultrasonic Testing - Ultrasound technology can locate compressed air leaks caused by vibration, holes in hoses, loose joints and cracks

We offer a variety of technical services:

  • HVAC - Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning studies examine the sizing of HVAC equipment, offer heating and cooling system comparisons, investigate problems with existing systems and provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Lighting - Studies provide recommendations for the design of lighting systems in such places as sports fields, roadways, parking lots, and commercial and industrial plants.
  • Wiring and Electrical - Distribution Equipment Studies analyze the facility’s distribution system, including the sizing of wiring and equipment, and provide recommendations for system improvement.
  • Compressed-Air Systems - In-depth studies to analyze how compressed-air is used. The study will determine system performance and recommend improvements, as well as determine the cost of compressed-air use and methods for reducing utility costs.

The Green Flex Program enables businesses with high energy consumption to quickly meet their sustainability goals at a lower cost through purchase of Green-e® Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) to reduce the impact of electricity consumption, support renewable energy and become a leader in sustainability. The product is 100% wind energy sourced from delivered to the Tennessee Valley. Green Flex is sold in blocks of 1MWh at a cost of $3.00 per block, with a minimum purchase of 2,000 MWh annually.

School Uplift is making a big impact on the region. Teachers, administrators and students across the Valley are all working hard to save big on energy. Each year we help approximately 100 public schools lower their energy bills with no-cost energy-saving practices that reduce energy costs by 10%. So far, 25 energy grants have already been put to good use and we’re looking forward to awarding even more in the future! TVA is investing over $3 million each year in School Uplift to make sure this grade-A work continues.