About Us

Our History

Gibson Electric Membership Corporation
was formed in August of 1936.

Since 1936, Gibson Electric Membership Corporation has provided its members with the essential service of electricity. Now, at your urging, we're also providing you with the essential service of high-speed internet connectivity.

Who We Are

Gibson Connect, LLC, a not-for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of Gibson Electric Membership Corporation, was formed in June 2017. What makes Gibson Connect different? First, Gibson Connect is powered by the very same people you already know and trust. Gibson EMC members elect a board of trustees to represent them by setting policy for Gibson EMC. Gibson EMC's board of trustees selects the Gibson Connect board to set policy for Gibson Connect. For us, it's not about profit; it's about providing you with excellent service and supporting our communities. Our goal is to ultimately provide all of our *eligible members access to a 100% fiber network. This is exciting for our members and our communities because fiber offers many important benefits:

Extremely Fast - It gives you access up to 1 Gig (1,000 megabits per second). That's 100 times faster than the national average.

Reliable - It is less affected by weather than other sources.

No Buffering - With our 1 Gig speed you can download a 2-hour HD movie in less than a minute or a 9-hour audio book in less than a second.

Not Just Internet - In the near future, Gibson Connect plans to provide telephone and possibly TV/video over the same connection. Our telephone offering will operate the same as your local telephone service, but it will include unlimited long distance and advanced calling features.

* Gibson EMC members except those within the West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunications Cooperative area (in Tennessee) are eligible for Gibson Connect Services. Tennessee law restricts our ability to serve these members.

You Control Our Construction Process

To have access to Gibson Connect at your home or business, complete the following steps.

STEP 1: Check out our available packages on the "Residential" or "Business" page of this website. See the participation requirement for your community by clicking the "Track My Zone" button at the top of this site. When a zone hits the required participation level, our board will vote to move forward.

STEP 2: Register today! Registering today costs just $20 and will apply toward your first Gibson Connect bill (when internet service is received). Registering now also enables you to avoid a $200 connection fee later. Just click the "Register" button at the top of the page to get started.

STEP 3: Meet your community zone requirements sooner by encouraging your neighbors to sign up too. Follow the Gibson Connect Facebook page so you can share important posts with family and friends.

Delivering quality service over a 12-county area spanning 3,600 miles of line is a big job that may take around five years to complete, but we are confident that it will be well worth the wait!

What is Fiber-Optic Broadband?

Fiber-optic broadband is the fastest and most efficient technology on the market for delivering internet services to your home or business. Other internet options such as DSL and cable use previously-existing telephone and television copper wires to carry information through vibrations. But fiber cables are created with glass fibers that allow the information to be carried by light.

Fiber-optic networks are capable of providing internet service that is 100x faster (1,000 Megabits/1 Gigabit) than the US Broadband average (11.7 Megabit).

For more information on Fiber-optic Broadband, call your local Gibson EMC member service center. To register your home or business for Gibson Connect, click HERE.